ConverTTable – coffee table turns into a racing cockpit

ConverTTable - coffee table turns into a racing cockpit
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have you been in the situation where you find your living area doesn’t allow you to accommodate your dream gaming cockpit? it is a shame that you can’t fully utilize your glorious big screen LCD TV in your living for a game of Gran Turismo 5. its either the coffee table or a game racing cockpit, which most grown man would choose the latter for practicality sake, and to avoid ruining a stylishly decorated home. well, the folks over at ConverTTable must have read our mind and they have came up with a brilliant idea: a contemporary coffee table that opens to a game racing cockpit. encased within this white and wood color coffee table is a Recaro Racing seat, a Porsche GT3 RS steering wheel, a ClubSport pedals, and a RACE-STAR Butt Shaker for the added rumble feedback. basically, everything that you will need to start revving away in your living room, and conveniently stowing it away when you are done. in case you need to shift it away, a set of built-in rolling castors allow you to do that with ease. sound like a dream come true for me, except for its hefty price tag of €5,433 (about US$7,055) for the ConverTTable Production Model. or if customization is your cup of English Breakfast, you can always request for the ConverTTable Custom but of course, that will set you back at a premium €6,133 (about US$7,965) price tag. more images and teaser video after the break.

ConverTTable via LuxuryLaunches

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