This Ambitious Coffee Table Is Also A Fridge, A Bluetooth Speaker, A Wireless Charging Pad And More

Who needs a self-driving fridge or a remote controlled R2-D2 fridge/projector when there is a coffee table that is also a refrigerator? The Coosno is exactly that. It is a smart coffee table and refrigerator hybrid that negates the need to walk to the kitchen for drinks when you needed one when on the couch. […]

Soundesk Is A Classy Coffee Table That Is Also A 360-degree Bluetooth Speaker

If you need a Bluetooth speaker and if you need a coffee table, so why not get a coffee table that is also a Bluetooth speaker? At least, that’s what Hong Kong-based company, CoolGeek, thinks some consumers out there will need this unlikely 2-in-1 solution. The Soundesk, as it is cleverly called, is not the […]

Xbox One Game Controller Coffee Table Is Xbox Fanboys’ Dream Come True

Xbox, unlike Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES), is not quite a classic yet, but that doesn’t stop South Carolina artist Scott Blackwell of WoodCurve from turning out a giant-ass Xbox game controller as a functional coffee table, aptly called Handmade Xbox One Game Controller Coffee Table. Scott managed to mimic the likeness of the Microsoft […]

Lucky Guy Has A Super Cool Star Wars Wampa Cave Coffee Table

If you need a Star Wars-themed man-cave, you can trust Tom Spina Designs to come up with brilliant ideas to make it look the part. Like, if you need your man-cave to look like the surface of a Death Star, he would gladly do it and if the freezing cold wampa cave is your poison, […]

The Woodieful Chair Is A Transformer Furniture Without Transforming

For a tiny space, furniture selection becomes tricky. Have too many of them, you’d be making the small space even smaller and knocking over them every other time. With this in mind, Slovenia-based designer Klavdija Jarc conceived The Woodieful Chair which she refer to as “adaptable piece of furniture.” While it is called a ‘chair’, […]

Star Trek Pinball Machine Coffee Table Is The Ultimate Furniture For Trekkies

Despite it being horizontal, the original Star Trek pinball playfield is a fully functional pinball machine controlled via electronic means. As you can see, it is a sight to behold and the best part is, it is also a coffee table, which means, trekkies who are non-pinball fans can also appreciate the Star Trek shuttlecraft […]

Making Your Own Table is a Snap with These Artistic Snap Furniture Legs

Many years ago, I came up with a furniture idea to suit a particular space I had and it consisted of cinder blocks and table tops I acquired from Ikea. It looked cool, but it was never secured as the table top only rest on the cinder blocks and that’s not mention cinder blocks height […]

Ikea Figured Out a New Way to Fix Up Furniture That Will Only Takes 5 Mins

Swedish furniture maker Ikea has pretty much revolutionized flat-pack furniture and all seems good, until you start putting the TV console together. suddenly, things that involves metal screws and hex keys aren’t as easy as it seem to be – made worst by an instructional manual that has no descriptive words in them, only pictures. […]

This Doodlable Ping Pong Coffee Table Will Make Your Living Room More Livelier

there are a lot of products out there that make us want to exclaim “shut up and take our money” and the Ping Pong Coffee Table by Huzi Design is one such objects. as the name proposed, it is a coffee table that doubles as a mini-size ping pong table to keep you entertained in […]

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table

we have seen aircraft parts repurposed into stylish and functional furniture, but a coffee table made using an authentic Boeing 777 wheel got to be the first. little is known about this beauty here, but apparently, it is an one-off item with a price of application (PoA) price tag on it.