When LEGO ran its rebuild broken furniture with LEGO bricks campaign, they probably did not imagine it will be as awesome as the LEGO River Table by Nick Zammeti.

Custom LEGO Waterfall Coffee Table by Nick Zammeti

Technically, Nick’s LEGO Waterfall Coffee Table isn’t a rebuilding of broken furniture; it is a scratch built custom coffee table, incorporating LEGO dioramas. It is still a furniture with LEGO bricks nonetheless and therefore, it is awesome.

In a video posted recently by Zammeti, he show how he crafted a LEGO River Table, complete with lights, a waterfall built with LEGO bricks in the most surreal way possible, and a functional TV. You heard that right, A. Functional. TV.

Custom LEGO Waterfall Coffee Table by Nick Zammeti

The waterfall started with a river right smack in the middle in which you will find a mix bag of LEGO diorama featuring scenes made up of Star Wars, DC Comics as well as Marvel properties. The river ended with a waterfall down to the side and out of the table.

What’s interesting was how Nick melts epoxy resin and LEGO bricks to create the very surreal waterfall. And within this LEGO waterfall is a theater of sort with a functional TV and a bunch of minifigures watching it.

Custom LEGO Waterfall Coffee Table by Nick Zammeti

Now, tables with integrated diorama aren’t new. Even lesser were those incorporating LEGO elements. Nick’s creation here could be the first that has LEGO going beyond the actual table itself.

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Needless to say, we were impressed. If only I could one (and the space to accommodate it!).

Custom LEGO Waterfall Coffee Table by Nick Zammeti

You may want to know Nick’s LEGO River Table is actually for sale. Unfortunately, this one-of-a-kind coffee table is only available to U.K. residents and it costs a cool £1,450 (around US$2,105). Ouch.

Skip ahead to see the build process of this amazing LEGO Waterfall Coffee Table by Nick Zammeti.

Images: Nick Zammeti.

via Nerdist.

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