A garage or home workshop is no place for a refrigerator. Seriously, it is a no-go zone for white goods, because the silver or white, typical fridge aesthetic will guarantee to stick out like a sore thumb among your more-drawers-than-you-can-use, red or blue tool chests. It is just so not man-like, if you know what we mean. But that doesn’t mean a man should be denied of a cold one within his own domain and this is why there is Versonel Portable Garage Toolbox Tool Chest Refrigerator. The name pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? It is a mini fridge that’s fashioned to look like one of your many tool chests, boasting a 1.8 cu. ft. (510L) refrigerator for hiding your favorite selection of cold beverage stash from your spouse or anyone who may frown upon your stash.

Versonel Portable Garage Toolbox Tool Chest Refrigerator
Can you spot the refrigerator in this garage?

Most importantly, your stash will stay chill between 32oF and 50oF (zero and 10o Celsius) and even more importantly, it won’t mar the professional look of your garage or home workshop. But this fridge in disguise wouldn’t be all that convincing if it didn’t have some features that will convince that it is a tool chest and as such, it is also outfitted with three useable tool drawers for your actual tools, or perhaps your collection of coasters, bottle openers and stuff. Finally, a set of 3-inch heavy-duty front locking swivel castors and a choice of red or blue paint job rounds up the convincing package. If you’re residing in North America, you can pick up the Versonel Portable Garage Toolbox Tool Chest Refrigerator from a variety of stores including Amazon for $399.99.

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Versonel Portable Garage Toolbox Tool Chest Refrigerator

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    1. I hope if they had a Locking Safe Version, we won’t need to crack the code to get to the beers… Lol

      1. I saw one Several Years Ago where someone Converted a Rolling Steel Tool Box into a Computer Hard Drive Platform where Every Drawer has a Specific Function…

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