It Looks Like Someone Has A Miniature Ice-version Death Star In Their Fridge

Most people open the refrigerator several times a day without bating an eyelid, so there is really no news about it, but I have this question to pitch: what happens if you keep a fridge running and not open it for like a really, really long time? I don’t how long. Just very long I […]

Samsung Shove An AKG Speaker Into Its 2018 Fridge Lineup Because, It Can

For some reason, the folks over at Samsung think the cold box in your kitchen deserved to be equipped with a premium quality sound speaker from AKG. Yes. AKG on a refrigerator. Perhaps, having a speaker on a fridge solely for the purpose of audio alerts is nothing of a biggie or even news, but […]

SMEG’s Brings The Wonderful D&G And FIAT 500 Fridges To The U.S.

In what could be possibly the most awesome cross-industry collision are these unique refrigerators coming from Italian home appliance maker, SMEG. Whether you are a fashion- or petrol-head, these SMEG fridges are guaranteed to enthralled you. Kicking off these unique collaborations is the D&G x SMEG FAB28 Fridge which is based on the home appliance […]

The VW Bus Lives Again! But Now It Will Park In Your Kitchen As A Refrigerator

We have heard Volkswagen is rebooting the iconic VW Bus and if I ask me, I’d say the news come as both yay and nay. Yay because the microbus is coming back and nay because it will never be as cool as the iconic ride (cue The Doors’ Light My Fire). I guess somethings are […]

This Life-size R2-D2 is Actually a Mini Fridge and a HD Projector in Disguise

Star Wars series of movies aren’t exactly movies that you drink to. Popcorn, probably, but a cold one? Well, likely not a fitting scenario. I mean, it’s not like it is the big game, right? Though it would be nice if R2-D2 can bring you a drink or two as you catch up with the […]

Bud Light Bud-E Fridge Wants to Make Sure You Never Run Out Beer

How many times have you find yourself running out beer when your pals are coming over for say, the big game night? If the answer is all too often, then The Bud Light Bud-E Fridge is for you. As you may have guessed, this is a connected fridge, a smart fridge if you will, that […]

Forget About Dispensing Ice. GE’s New Fridge Can Make A Hot Cup Of Joe

When the refrigerator was first invented, I bet nobody ever thought it could do more than keep stuff cold and make freezing cold ice cubes. Wait. Actually that’s about what it does the whole time, well, maybe with the exception of an external water or ice dispenser, but that’s pretty much it… until now. Meet […]

This Tool Chest Actually Hides a 1.8 cu. ft. Working Refrigerator

A garage or home workshop is no place for a refrigerator. Seriously, it is a no-go zone for white goods, because the silver or white, typical fridge aesthetic will guarantee to stick out like a sore thumb among your more-drawers-than-you-can-use, red or blue tool chests. It is just so not man-like, if you know what […]

Assimilation Is Completed, Borg Is Now A Mini Fridge On Planet Earth

perhaps the fact that Borg cube can actually travel through space does not makes any sense to us mortal (or just people of the present), but as a fridge, it sure sounds like workable. after all, space is a cold place which makes turning Borg into a mini refrigerator a logical thing to do, such […]

Steaklocker Lets You Dry-age Your Own Steak At Home

there are many things that restaurants do to make those delectable culinary dishes that you can’t replicate at home. there’s no magic or voodoo there, sometimes it all comes down to the equipment they use which are often only available for businesses i.e those equipment are either ridiculously expensive, or they take up a whole […]