perhaps the fact that Borg cube can actually travel through space does not makes any sense to us mortal (or just people of the present), but as a fridge, it sure sounds like workable. after all, space is a cold place which makes turning Borg into a mini refrigerator a logical thing to do, such as this Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge. instead of drones or cybernetic humanoids, it stashes up to nine cans of soda or cold ones and is conveniently powered by 110V AC outlet, or 12V DC for use in a car when you hit the road. this Borg may not travel the galaxy, but it sure can travel anywhere with you. adding to the realism, it glows green too – inside and out.

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

here on Earth, the Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge, like its sci-fi counterpart, is an advanced piece of appliance. it is a fridge that goes beyond chilling – it has a warm setting as well, turning it into a nice warm cavern for keeping your food nice and hot. talked about assimilating… i guess the aliens sure knows their way around Earth, don’t they? it comes fitted with rubber feet to keep it from scratching the surface, while locking door prevents the drones, i mean the contents, from spilling out. it will be a neat piece of appliance for any sci-fi nuts and we should think a must-have for any Star Trek geeks. i mean, who doesn’t want the hive of the coolest baddies? everyone wants one. even though it does cost quite a bit as far mini fridge is concerned at $149.99 a pop, but you know you want one, so surrender your wallet for resistance is futile.

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