Blomp Coat Hanger lets you hang your coat and keeps your keys

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i don’t have a place to hold my keys, but i do have something to hang my clothes, jackets etc. usually, in a rush you would like to have both category of item handy by the door. i’d say if i have a device that can contain both, it would be a good to have thing.

designer David Cathro came up with simple and yet beautiful solution to keep both items together. in case of a rush, you would not forget either item – keys or coat. i can’t imagine how one would forget to grab the keys on the way out, but that’s beside the point. the nifty concept, dubbed the ‘Blomp Coat Hanger‘ is a contemporary coat hanger and a recepticle for your essential nitty gritty things like your car key, house keys et cetera.

the Blomp is made out of polyester and resin and it comes in white, orange or black. it measures 16.5 cm by 16.5 cm, which provides pretty huge space to contain your keys or whatever stuff you might fancy, as long they fits in the recepticle. pretty neat stuff. if you have a home with contemporary theme, the Blomp Coat Hanger will definitely find itself at home. however, there are no words on its availability or will it even be mass produced. we are waiting, David.

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(image credit: David Cathro)

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(image credit: David Cathro)

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(image credit: David Cathro)

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