Moooi Mistral will change the way you look at ceiling fans

Moooi Mistral 900x600px
(image: Moooi) Moooi Mistral | about US$960.00 |

well, the fan integrated with a lamp in the Moooi Mistral is not actually a fan per say but rather, it is a ventilator. at least that’s what Moooi Works is telling us. regardless, it is a refreshing change to traditional ceiling fan with lamp combo. it features five yellow wooden blades tucked away in the shade, shielded by a circular design grille that reminisces of an actual industrial ventilator. the fan or ventilator provides cooling for the room and the wind direction is reversible. which means that you can either circulate the air or draws away stale air or sort. the lamp’s shine is projected through an intricate glass diffuser and further brightness is further assisted by the lamp shade’s chrome inner finish. the Mistral comes with downloads of varying lengths to suit a variety of ceiling heights and it can even be adapted to for use on sloped ceilings up to 33 degrees steep. we love the ceiling fan/lamp design but i thought it would be even apt if the shade is of a more cylindrical shape, which will makes it look even more ventilator like. nevertheless, it still managed to capture our attention and we were especially impressed by its artistic promo video. though, such beauty and function doesn’t come cheap: be prepared to shell out around $960 for one of these. check out more images of the Mistral and the mentioned video after the break.
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