KYL Is An Attachment That Literally Make Standing Fan A Little More Cooler

Goodness gracious me. How did I not hear about this??? This is KYL (pronounced as “Kal”), an attachment that literally makes a standing fan cooler. It was the winner of IKEA Singapore’s Young Designer Awards 2018.

Someone Made A Bladeless Fan Entirely Out Of Wood Scraps And It Is Absolutely Beautiful

By now, we should be all quite familiar with Dyson Bladeless Fan. Some of you may had made one yourself using common parts or 3D-printed one. Those are nothing new at this point, but a DIY bladeless fan crafted entirely out of discarded wood scraps? I bet you haven’t seen or heard of it.

Kurt Eldrup Of Phighter Images Is Making A Giant Jet Engine Fan Ceiling Fan For Rolls-Royce

Remember the super awesome jet engine ceiling fan from nearly four years ago? Well, the person responsible, Kurt Eldrup of Phighter Images and Aviation Flying Furniture, has landed himself a major gig.

You Have Seen Bladeless Fan, Now Meet The Portable Version (Not By Dyson Though)

You have seen bladeless fans and also learned how to DIY one. Now, meet the portable bladeless fan called Whirlwind Cool Blade-less Mini Fan. While totally not sanctioned by Dyson, it is no less cool. Not sure if it does cool literally or not, but hey, at least portable bladeless fan exists which means, cooling […]

Do You Know You Can 3D Print A Triangular Bladeless Fan? Yes You Can!

It is no secret that you can cobbled up a homemade Dyson-inspired bladeless fan using nothing but common parts you can find lying a home, albeit it being a rather crude contraption. However, if you have a 3D printer, South African Thingiverse user, Daniel Mitchell, will show you how to make a bladeless fan the […]

Here’s A Ceiling Fan For Those Who Hates Long, Obtrusive Fan Blades

Ceiling fan is not the exactly the prettiest sigh, but it is an efficient way to cool down a space. I guess you could say it is a necessary evil. But what if, just what if you really, really loathe the sight of multiple blades dangling up top? Like, you get into fits when you […]

Quilo 2.0: Air Cooler, Air Purifier, Humidifier And A Fan Rolled Into One

Folks dwelling in regions with four seasons will probably have multiple home appliances to cope with the different climates and environment conditions. Like air purifier during spring, humidifier during dry season, and fan or air conditioner to deal with the sweltering heat of summer. With Quilo 2.0 4-in-1 Smart Tower Fan, however, you just need […]

MUID Pet Fan Has A Fan For The Head Of An Animal. Playful!

If you think small desk fan cannot be fun and playful, think again. Xiamen, China-based design studio MUID proves that it totally can with two chic and fun desk fans called O-ctopus Fan and Pet Fan. The former is what it sounds like: a small desk fan inspired by the marine creature, octopus and the […]

Seriously, Who Doesn’t Want A Jet Engine Fan As Their Ceiling Fan?

When it comes to home appliances, ceiling fan is often much overlooked. Nobody gives a damn how it looks, but for those who do, the options are actually quite abundant. However, if you want something out of the ordinary, something that goes beyond good looking, well, this is it: the Jet Engine Fan Blades Ceiling […]

Guy Teaches You How To DIY A Dyson Bladeless Fan Using Common Parts

Dyson Bladeless fan is probably one of the best inventions to have surfaced in the 21st century. Why? Cos’ it provides consistent, smooth voluminous airflow and above all, it is super safe as there are no exposed spinning blades to threaten anyone’s fingers or hair. With Dyson bladeless fan, form and functionality goes hand-in-hand, offering […]