By now, we should be all quite familiar with Dyson Bladeless Fan. Some of you may had made one yourself using common parts or 3D-printed one. Those are nothing new at this point, but a DIY bladeless fan crafted entirely out of discarded wood scraps? I bet you haven’t seen or heard of it.

A Wooden Bladeless Fan is exactly what Queenslander artist, maker and photographer Neil Paskin, aka Pask Makes, had made. And boy, the end result is absolutely fabulous. Neil’s creation looks exactly like a Dyson table top bladeless fan, but in all-wood construction.

Pask Makes Wooden Bladeless Fan

While this wooden bladeless fan does take advantage of the Coandă effect, it does not have the complex impeller found on a Dyson bladeless fan (obviously). But that’s NOT the point. The point is, it looks awesome and it is totally functional.

Also, I think the rear beauty of this DIY wooden bladeless fan was the process. To which we say, can we all just take sometime to appreciate Neil’s skill hands and his innate ability to solve problem as the project progresses? Those are beauties in DIY project that are often overlooked.

Here, have a look at Neil build process in the video below. Trust me, it will be 28 minutes and 5 seconds of your life well spent. But seriously, don’t watch it at work. I mean, its not nice to ‘steal’ company’s time.

Images: Instagram (@paskmakes)/YouTube (Pask Makes).

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