Think about this: assuming that you have a smoke detector installed in your home and if it sounds when no one’s around or in the vicinity, would it have helped? Clearly, not. But with the second-generation Point from a Scandinavian startup, Minut, Inc. you are covered. What makes Point unique is not just its irresistibly good look and unobtrusive size; it is a collaborative complete home alarm. What this means is, when alarm is triggered, not only you, but your nominated neighbors will be alert via their smartphones via the app or text messages.

Point Complete Home Alarm by Minut, Inc.

Like the first, this follow up offers to monitor your home without the use of hack-prone, invasive IP cameras. Point is loaded with sensors that will allow a single Point to detect smoke, window break, presence, and identify rapid temperature rise. In addition, it has a bunch of other environmental sensors, which together with the aforementioned and machine learning, allows Point to understand your home and hence detects changes that might be critical. It can event warn of molding risk too and when you leave your home, Point will automatically turn on the burglar alarm. Of course, like any good home alarm system, you can always choose to arm it yourself.

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Point Complete Home Alarm by Minut, Inc.

Another interesting feature is the ability to have a 24-hour overview of your home conditions and you can even browse the timeline to see when was the noises time, day, or the temperature changes over a period of time. In a way, Point is like the activity/fitness tracker for your home, or a Fitbit for your home, if you may. And that is kind of rad in our books. Point is battery powered, and connects to your home wireless network via 2.4 GHz and it also has in-built Bluetooth connectivity too.

You can pick up the second-generation Point for as low as $79 a pop from Kickstarter in the next 29 days or so. The first Point has proven itself and so, it is no surprise that this follow up has blew past its set its set funding goal of $25K in just a few hours. That said, your pledge of $79 or more is a pre-order which will be fulfilled sometime in May 2018.

Images courtesy of Minut, Inc.

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