Fans of Star Trek will be familiar with the recurring antagonist, an alien group known as Borg. The Borg you see here is not as sinister as the alien beings who forcefully make their captives assimilate. In fact, I think it is the opposite. However, if using a computer for work and entertainment, including gaming, are viewed as sins, then The Borg Cube PC might very well be evil. But who the hell cares? Seriously, a PC in the likeness of the Borg cube? Well, I’d say shut up and take my money! There are two versions of The Borg Cube PC: a 6-inch cube (herein known as The Borg Micro Cube) designed for productivity and entertainment (you know, surfing the Internet, watching movies and whatnot) and a larger 12-inch version (known as The Borg VR Cube) rigged for gaming.

The Borg Cube PC by Cherry Tree, Inc.

With a PC that resemble the Borg cube, complete with the requisite eery green grows at the appropriate places, you’d be begging to be assimilated. Or maybe not. Anywho, these PCs are officially licensed Star Trek merchandises and only available in limited quantities of 359 units. At the time of this writing, only 310 units are left, and so, if you want one, you’d better act fast – unless you want to wait for the larger gaming-centric variety which obviously will be more pricey, but comes with NVIDIA graphics with VR support, 7.1 surround sound audio with optical audio output, and faster SSD. You can view the full spec of The Borg Micro Cube HERE and The Borg VR Cube HERE, or if you wish, you can jump right in to acquire the Micro HERE which carries a starting sticker of $599.

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The Borg Cube PC by Cherry Tree, Inc.

Images: Cherry Tree, Inc.

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