ESCORT To Unveil First Connected Car Radar/Laser Detector At CES

Radar/laser detector for automobile is not legal everywhere, but if it is where you resides, you will want to get acquaint with the ESCORT MAX 360c Connected Radar and Laser Detector. As the product name implies, it is a connected radar/laser, the first from ESCORT Inc. It is designed to connect to your car’s WiFi […]

With Star Trek BORG Cube PC, Your Assimilation With PC Will Be Complete

Fans of Star Trek will be familiar with the recurring antagonist, an alien group known as Borg. The Borg you see here is not as sinister as the alien beings who forcefully make their captives assimilate. In fact, I think it is the opposite. However, if using a computer for work and entertainment, including gaming, […]

Meet Point, The Smartest, Non-invasive Home Alarm You Want In Your Home

Think about this: assuming that you have a smoke detector installed in your home and if it sounds when no one’s around or in the vicinity, would it have helped? Clearly, not. But with the second-generation Point from a Scandinavian startup, Minut, Inc. you are covered. What makes Point unique is not just its irresistibly […]