Radar/laser detector for automobile is not legal everywhere, but if it is where you resides, you will want to get acquaint with the ESCORT MAX 360c Connected Radar and Laser Detector. As the product name implies, it is a connected radar/laser, the first from ESCORT Inc. It is designed to connect to your car’s WiFi (or via Bluetooth to your smartphone, if in-car WiFi isn’t available) and connects automatically to ESCORT Live that offers real-time ticket-protection network. With ESCORT Live, in addition to providing you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts, you will also make aware of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area.

ESCORT MAX 360c Connected Radar and Laser Detector

ESCORT MAX 360c Connected Radar and Laser Detector works best if you are residing on a landed property and your garage is within your home’s WiFi coverage because, when you get home, it will automatically update to the latest software and firmware. Now, that’s convenience you never knew you need. Other features include a sleeker and slimmer design with magnetic E Mag Mount, 360-degree directional alert arrows to point out the direction of radar threat, dual antennas for both front and rear detection, GPS intelligence for accurate and updated speed and red-light traps, IVT filter to reduce false alerts, support for both English and Spanish voice and text, and multi-color OLED display that shows the threat type and strength, as well as the vehicles speed in HD resolution.

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ESCORT MAX 360c Connected Radar and Laser Detector

ESCORT Inc.’s newest radar/laser detector will be officially unveiled at this year’s CES on January 7 in an event at the South Seas Ballroom at Mandalay Bay from 5.00-8.30PM, Pepcom Digital Experience on the 8th, from 7.00-10.30PM at the Mirage, and ShowStoppers @ CES on January 9 in the Lafite Ballroom at the Wynn Hotel from 6.00-10.00PM. But if you don’t need the marketing mambo jambo to convince you that the MAX 360c is for you, then you may want to consider picking a unit off ESCORT website now for $699.95 a pop.

Images courtesy of ESCORT, Inc.

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