Star Trek Adventures Tricorder Collector’s Box Set: The First “Wearable” Tabletop RPG

Tabletop RPG game maker Modiphius Entertainment is now taking pre-orders for three new products for the Star Trek Adventures table RPG. One of the most notable products is also one of the most collectible: the Star Trek Adventures: Tricorder Collector’s Box Set.

Playmobil 70548 Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Pre-order On Amazon

The Playmobil 70548 Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise playset that we talked about in June has gotten the official words. It has been listed on and in addition to Entertainment Earth, we noted that Amazon is also accepting pre-orders for the set.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Shuttlecraft 3D Slippers: To Boldly Shuttle Around Your Home

If you were working on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D exploring the galaxy, what would you do on your time off? Lounging, probably. But surely not still in the Starfleet uniform? Well, if you are going to kick back and relax, and you know, get comfy, the uniform has to go.

USS Enterprise Christmas Tree Topper Is A Huge Tree Topper With Lights And Sound

Do you like Star Trek. Do you really, really, really like Star Trek? If so, be prepared to bust your wallet for this impressive Christmas tree topper: Hallmark Keepsake Star Trek USS Enterprise Christmas Topper. This thing is humongous. It measures 6.59 x 9.89 x 15 inches (17 x 25 x 38 cm) and weighs …

Star Trek’s Starfleet Emblem Found On The Surface Of Mars?

Well, what do we know? Several chevron shape marks like the one you see above were discovered on Mars in an area known as Hellas Planitia. These chevron shapes bear an uncanny resemblance to United Federation of Planets’ Starfleet emblem from the Star Trek series.

This Might Be The Best LEGO MOC Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Thus Far

Unlike Star Wars, the other defining sci-fi series/movies of our time, Star Trek, hasn’t gotten much LEGO love, officially and non-officially. So, it was exciting when we stumbled upon Kevin J. Walter’s newest LEGO MOC Star Trek, the NCC-1701-A U.S.S. Enterprise. If we can only use one word to describe Walter’s LEGO take of the …

This Star Trek TOS 1:6 Scale Captain’s Chair Lets Your Captain Kirk Action Figure Takes The Conn

Lets face it. Not every Star Trek fans, AKA Trekkies, can afford to drop $5,500 for a replica Star Trek The Original Series Captain’s Chair and going the inflatable route is far less authentic and satisfying because, inflatable. Even if you are willing to part with the princely sum or willing to compromise, those two …

The Cost Of These Iconic Pop Culture Structures Will Blow Your Mind

Movies don’t show everything. While motion pictures tell some story, they never detail everything like for example, whether super villains eat, or do they bathe or poop, and they certainly won’t give you a hint of what it took to build the Batcave or Hogwarts castle, and how much real world money they would cost …

Star Trek Vulcan Wireless Earbuds Lets You Enjoy Music With Pointy Ears

I know some folks are such a huge fan of Star Trek’s Spock that they’d sport the Vulcan’s pointy ear all-day long. If you are one them, then the Star Trek Vulcan Bluetooth In-ear Headphones from Anovos will be right up your galactic alley. I mean, what’s not to love? Well, for Star Trek/Vulcan/Spock superfans, …