Batfree Power Strap for Apple Watch

I’d be lying to say I am not enticed by Apple Watch. It is beautiful, functional and all, but the off putting thing is not just the price; it is the battery. It is not going to last if you are power user who is also out and about. However, Togvu have its way, battery life may be the last thing you have to worry about. The company has created Batfree (which is NOT related to Batman, btw) with Togvu claims as the world’s first Power Strap for Apple Watch.

Batfree Power Strap for Apple Watch
A render of the strap shown here without the Apple Watch.

Basically what Togvu did was designed a watch strap (or band, if you will) and packed it with a 600 mAh lithium polymer battery (2x 300 mAh, to be precise) and wireless charging coils so that the Apple Watch on your wrist can be charged at a touch of a button. Togvu claims the battery offers up to 27 hours of extended battery life – all through the convenience of wireless charging, so you can go on about your daily routine – minus the worry about battery life.

Batfree promised to keep the crowd accessible, as well as all other functionality, including ECG feature. Togvu adds that the “ergonomically-shaped” strap was conceived by “wearable experts” with comfort and fit as priority. Batfree will fit wrist size of between 130-200 mm and it is IP68 rated against dust and water submersion to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes each time. Togvu has taken to Kickstarter to peddle this new Apple Watch accessory where you will be able to secure a unit for 35-49 bucks, depending on how soon you act on it.

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I am not going lie. I am sold by the idea. Given that I am a person who dig large/thick timepieces, I wouldn’t mind the added thickness Batfree will add to the watch. The question is: will it materialize? I hate to be a skeptic, but I, like so many people out there, have been burned by crowdfunding.

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Having said that, there are two things you have to know about crowdfunding campaigns. First, the project has to be funded to even have a chance to be a real product and second, the company has to deliver. The latter is something that any backer has to take the leap of faith.

Anyways, we shall leave it to you to be the judge on that.

In meantime, here’s the product pitch video:

Images: Togvu.