What you see here is possibly the world’s smallest functional desktop PC, created by YouTube channel The Wrench. There’s probably zero practical use for this tiny desktop PC. It is more of a show that it can be done.

Super Small Desktop PC by The Wrench

Obviously, it ain’t no AMD or Intel inside. Instead, to create a desktop that is this tiny requires it to be powered by a Raspberry Pi. Fortunately, it can be used with regular size wireless keyboard and mouse.

Super Small Desktop PC by The Wrench

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can make one yourself too (or cobble up a box out the good’ol carpentry way?). Well, for whatever reasons… You just have to pick up a few components and follow the brief video by The Wrench.

Go ahead and have a look at how this PC of miniature proportion was made. Not going to lie, for some reasons, I am swooned over by it. I have no idea why.

Images: YouTube (The Wrench).

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