Someone DIY-ed A Bird Feeder That Dispenses Bird Feed In Exchange For Bottle Caps

This is a birdbox by maker Hans Forsberg. This bird box has nothing to do with Netflix’s and it is way more cooler than not McDonald’s. Using his knowledge on robotics on industrial applications for artificial intelligence, Fosberg made a bird feeder that will reward his backyard magpies with food whenever the birds deposit a […]

This Little Guy Here Is Possibly The World’s Smallest Functional Desktop PC Setup

What you see here is possibly the world’s smallest functional desktop PC, created by YouTube channel The Wrench. There’s probably zero practical use for this tiny desktop PC. It is more of a show that it can be done.

Off-Grid Cyberdeck Computer Will Let Connected Devices Continue Running When The Internet Fails

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the end of the world. But it does set some people thinking what if an apocalypse occurs and the Internet is out? If that happens, whatever connected gadgets you have are pretty much useless.

Creoqode Wants To Put Hundreds Of Retro Games In Your Hands With Lyra Handheld Game Console

What’s the point of having the world’s largest collection of video games and multiple consoles, including retro boxes, and not being able to play on-the-go, right? Enter Lyra Retro Handheld Game Console. This beautiful portable gaming device from UK company Creoqode lets you take hundreds of super cool arcade games from the 80s and 90s […]

Someone Made A Camera That Turns Captured Images Into Doodles

Camera, be it analog or digital, is gadget that is intended to capture what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). Well, at least that’s the norm, but one tinkerer by the name of Dan Macnish decides to challenge this convention in the name of curiosity and fun. The camera he created is Raspberry Pi-powered […]

Arduino LEGO-like Bricks Could Give MINDSTORMS A Run For Their Money

Up till now, the alternative to LEGO’s pricey MINDSTORMS is Arduino/Raspberry Pi, but if you have tried that, you will understand that compatibility is an issue. This result in you needing to fabricate custom cases for the board and that’s not to mention eye-taxing coding process. But hey, if you want more flexibility and not […]

Pitendo: Nintendo Emulator Never Looked This Cute and Portable

Still all crazy about Nintendo games and wish you could play it even at your cousin’s or friend’s home? Well, if so, your wish has been answered and in the form of this cute little box called Pitendo. As its moniker hints, Pitendo is a Raspberry Pi setup that is designed to run multiple emulators, […]

With This OTTO Camera, Making Animated GIFs Has Never Been Easier

making animated GIF is the ‘in’ thing today and though the concept of animated GIF is simple, the process of making it is anything but. that’s no biggie cos’ it’s not like you can’t live without it, but what if there is a fun and easy way to animate GIF your life’s images? if ‘why […]

DukePad Raspberry Pi-powered Tablet

the whole Raspberry Pi thing never really caught on with anyone of us here, mainly because building a low-cost PC or laptop isn’t new thrills, however, a Raspberry Pi-powered tablet would be a whole different kind of story. Raspberry Pi has established itself as the tech hobbyists toy, which for about 35 bucks, it would score you a processor, memory, input and output, plus a memory card slot