Off-grid Cyberdeck Computer by Jay Doscher

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the end of the world. But it does set some people thinking what if an apocalypse occurs and the Internet is out? If that happens, whatever connected gadgets you have are pretty much useless.

Electronics enthusiast Jay Doscher is one of the “some people.” He have built a computer, called Off-grid Cyberdeck Computer, that will let his connected devices continue running should the Internet ever fail.

Think of as the survival gear of the computer world, a recovery kit of sort that, well, recovers other machines and set them working again.

Off-grid Cyberdeck Computer by Jay Doscher

As you can see, Jay’s Off-grid Cyberdeck Computer is a cross between a desktop and a laptop built on a Raspberry Pi 4, but it need no mouse – thanks to the official Raspberry 7-inch Pi touchscreen display.

It has a got a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX silent keyboard switches, an internal battery with option to switch to external source, an array of connectors – including a pair of mil-spec items, and it is waterproofed and shielded from electromagnetic pulses with copper foil. Most of the internal parts are 3D printed and yes, that suspiciously familiar case is indeed a Pelican 1300 case.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Off-grid Cyberdeck Computer off the shelves. However, if you are interested in learning the ins and outs of this genius creation, you can read all about it over at Jay Doscher’s website HERE.

Off-grid Cyberdeck Computer by Jay Doscher

Images: Jay Doscher.

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Source: Uncrate.