Weeding is literally a backbreaking gardening task, so save yourself the agony with the Tacklife Weeder Tool GSW1A Standup Weeder. This ergonomically designed standup weeder lets get weeding done, well, standing up.

Tacklife Weeder Tool GSW1A Standup Weeder features a sliding slot level fulcrum assembly that affords light and effortless weeding operation. It is designed with a built-in spring that automatically resets the device after the weed is removed.

Tacklife Weeder Tool GSW1A Standup Weeder

Made of a combination of lightweight metal and engineering plastics, this handy gardening device lets you get to the roots of the weed – even through hard earth – thanks to the stainless steel three-claw design and the 7.87-inch non-slip foot pedal which you can leverage for the penetration process.

I think the best part is its affordability. The Tacklife Weeder Tool GSW1A Standup Weeder costs just $39.98. Not hundreds of dollars. I know right. We are genuinely surprised by the price tag too. But before you jump right on it, you may want to know that Tacklife a trademarked owned by power bank maker, Aukey.

Images: Tacklife.

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