Some creatives really go all out creative when made to stay home. Nike lover and self-taught creative/craftsperson cerealartist is one of them. She has created a custom sneaker which she called Jelly Jordan.

No. Jelly Jordan is NOT a food. It is an Air Jordan 1 that is completely translucent. OK. It’s more like transparent orange, really.

The iconic silhouette is interpreted in orange transparent material (PVC, perhaps?) while carrying over the stitched facets, swoosh logo, lace, and even drawn Air Jordan branding. Clearly not a practical shoe. Breathability will be a major issue and thanks to the transparency, we can see it does not have a midsole.

Notwithstanding the fact that it is not quite wearable, it is pretty ingenious work of art. I will even go as far to say it is museum worthy.

Images: Instagram (@cerealartist).

Source: Sneakers News.

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