This is a Full-sized Replica of Sesame Street’s lovable Cookie Monster that is being crowdfunding by HasLab, Hasbro Pulse’s crowdfunding initiative. It is the second crowdfunding endeavor following the successfully funded Jabba’s Sail Barge from last year. There’s a third HasLab project, the enormous Transformers Unicron, which we have featured here last week (and may have mistakenly acknowledged it as the second. Our bad).

Hasbro Full-sized Replica Cookie Monster

This should be an exciting for fans of Sesame Street because, Cookie here is huge, like life-size kind of huge. It stands 38 inches tall, measures 20 inches wide and 19 inches deep (96.5 x 50.9 x 48.3 centimeters), and weighs in at a healthy 10 lbs (4.5 kilograms) – probably due to his diet consisting of copious amount of cookies. There’s not a lot of features to talk about since it is pretty much a plush. A very big plush, for that matter.

However, it is worthy to mention that this photorealistic big, blue flurry guy sports a blue plush as accurate to the TV show’s character as possible (described as “blue and tumbled”), googly eyes, and touts posable arms, hands, fingers, mouth, head and legs. Well, those are pretty much it as far as Cookie is concerned.

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Each HasLab Sesame Street Cookie Monster Replica will be accompanied by two original artwork lithographs, a Certificate of Authenticity (as always), a premium, retro packaging to mark the 50 years of Cookie Monster. Sesame Street is, btw, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year which prompted Hasbro to plan for this full-sized replica.

Hasbro is hoping to get 3,000 backers onboard for this $299.99 plush by August 25, 2019, 11:59PM EST. And if it does hit the goal, HasLab Sesame Street Cookie Monster Replica will be made and delivered in 2020.

Images: Hasbro.

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