While I was researching for the previous article, I came across another very interesting magnetic levitation product from Flyte. Flyte is, if you recall, one of the earlier brands that first pitched the idea of a levitating light bulb back in 2016. Between now and then, it has came up with a few new stuff, including this recent new product simply called Story which is the world’s first levitating clock.

Flyte Story World’s First Levitating Clock

Now, as you probably already expect it to be, time-telling with Story is kind of abstract. But that’s the point; the point is, having a metal ball bearing floating off a piece of round wooden slab, vertically, is pretty mind-blowing in itself. Story comprises of a magnetically levitating sphere that orbits around the wooden base to tell time, or as the product name implies, tell a story.

Using a mobile app, you can customize the orbit for telling time, to serve as a timer, and countdown to special moments like birthdays, anniversaries and whatnot (it will complete one full revolution when the set date arrives). Also built into Story is an LED matrix that illuminates through the surface of the wood to display the numerical time in the most futuristic way possible.

Flyte Story World’s First Levitating Clock

Finally, there is the backlight that cast a light on the wall, serving as a mood light of sort that also further enhances the allure of this high-tech timepiece. The light is customizable too (via the app). You can choose from 4 billion colors and also make it illuminate to things like real-time meteorological data, including moon phases. Well, didn’t I tell you that it is a futuristic clock?

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Being a magnetic levitation device does not, however, limit it to horizontal placement. Amazingly, as you can see, it can be mounted vertically on a wall, or place on a purpose designed stand on a desk. Flyte Story is indeed a very intriguing and decidedly futuristic piece of gadget.

However, as intriguing and futuristic it may be, it does command quite some price. We are talking about nearly $800 a piece. Then again, no one ever says an engineering marvel like such will be cheap. Continue reading to watch Flyte Story’s product video to learn more.

Flyte Story World’s First Levitating Clock

Images: Flyte.

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