If you are the grill master of the house who also want control over the music while you are grilling, then GrillTunes is the perfect grilling gadget for you. GrillTunes is a grilling spatula armed with an integrated music remote control.

GrillTiunes Spatula with Integrated Music Control

GrillTunes is essentially the lovechild of a spatula and a remote control. It is the world’s first, alright. Or at least I think it is. We never seen anything like this before and we absolutely dig the idea.

This gadget/BBQ gear puts music control in the grill master’s hands. GrillTunes let you turn up the volume without taking your hands off the heat.

GrillTiunes Spatula with Integrated Music Control

It comes as a set which include a specially designed heat and water resistance spatula with remote control built into the hand and a compact Bluetooth speaker.

GrillTunes not only puts music control within fingers’ reach, but it also lets take calls too. Again, all without stepping away from the grill, taking your eyes off those patties, or whipping out your phone.

GrillTiunes Spatula with Integrated Music Control

The device is juiced by a built-in rechargeable battery good for up to 15 hours on a single charge which is more than enough for an all-day grilling event and it also has a built-in bottle opener because, why the hell not?

GrillTunes is available as a single speaker set or double speaker set. The latter comes with two pairable speakers that pairs using True Wireless Stereo technology to ensure perfectly sync audio to deliver true stereo sound.

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It is a real product, btw. Well, almost a real product. First, it has to get funded on Kickstarter to see the light of production and you can help to make it a reality by pledging for a product.

Time limited early bird special will let you secure a unit for NZ$62 (about US$41). If you missed that, you are looking at NZ$93 and more (roughly US$62 and more).

All images courtesy of GrillTunes.

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