Well, what do you know? OnePlus has slashed the price of its “flagship killer,” the OnePlus 2, to $349. That’s a good 40 bucks off the initial price tag when it was first introduced in July 2015. So, is it a sign of an upcoming flagship killer? We are not sure and won’t speculate either. Anywho, according to the horse’s mouth, the price cut is possible due to reduction in the cost to produce OnePlus 2 device. Adding that they believe it is the right time to introduce a new change and great things should be shared. But how is a price reduction, however small it maybe, possible for not-so-high volume device? Well, it wasn’t detailed, actually. So, I guess we will just have to take their words for it. Then again, why care when you are paying less, right?

Here’s the excerpt from the announcement made on Monday:

“We learned a lot from our first flagship phone. The invite system helped get the OnePlus 2 off the ground, and now thanks to both timing and scale, our operations have sized up to the Goldilocks principle of just right. So, why not let our fans join us in celebrating the fruits of our labor? The OnePlus 2 now has a price modification of $349, forever. If you’ve ever needed to give a friend another reason to join Team OnePlus, here you go.”

To prevent sore feelings among those who bought the device recently, OnePlus is offering these folks $40 (or the equivalent in their current) refund – as long as the purchase was made within the last 15 days (from the day this was announced, of course).

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