Forget about 360 camera because, there is one camera that records more than just 360 images; it does 180 3D too. Meet the Insta360 EVO, a foldable camera that does both 360-degree photos and videos, and 180 3D photos and videos – with full 3D depth – at a fold of the camera. An ingenious folding design allows this action cameraish imaging device to transform from a device that takes 360-degree images into one that records 3D images.

Insta360 EVO 180 3D 360 Camera

Recorded 3D images can be viewed on your smartphone using the included clip-on 3D viewer, or with your naked eyes using the HoloFrame case. If you own a VR headset, you can choose to view the 180 3D images with it too. Speaking of which, EVO is tightly integrated with popular VR headset including the likes of Oculus GO, HTC Vive Focus and Samsung VR.

Insta360 EVO 180 3D 360 Camera

Beyond 180 3D and 360 imaging, Insta360 EVO also touts 6-axis stabilization known as FlowState stabilization to ensure your shots, whether it is 180 3D or 360-degree, remain super steady and for aspiring filmmakers, there is TimeShift that lets you edit epic slow-mo, blending it with stabilized hyperlapses to create breathtaking cinematic footage. And then there is the Tiny Planet feature that, as the name implies, makes you look like you are on a tiny planet. Tiny Planet looks like the effect of a fisheye lens, but, you know, it is in 360! Cute.

Resolution-wise, Insta360 EVO records videos in 5.7K and capture 18 MP, all in HDR no less, and it records straight onto a microSD card (supports up to 128 GB; UHS-I V30 speed class recommended). Insta360 EVO may be super compact but it managed to pack a 1,200 mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB, affording 65 minutes of use in between charges. Finally, it has both Bluetooth LE 4.0 and WiFi 5 GHz connectivity for wireless streaming straight off the camera and sharing the footage to your smartphone or tablet.

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Not surprisingly, such imaging wonder does not come cheap. The Insta360 EVO will run you back at $463.99, but the good thing is, it does include FREE FedEx or DHL Shipping, and also, tax is already included. Skip ahead for the official product video.

All images courtesy of Insta360.

Source: Digital Camera World.

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