OnePlus 8 Series Launched, Has 120 Hz QHD+ Display And Finally, Wireless Charging

There’s never a good time to upgrade your phone. In any case that you find now is the time, then you may want to take a look at the spanking new OnePlus 8 Series smartphone. Why? Well, finally quad-camera setup and wireless charging have finally made its way to OnePlus devices, or rather just ‘device’ […]

OnePlus Developed 5G-connected, Snowball-firing Robots That Anyone Can Remotely Control

Asia’s handset makers are getting very creative when it comes to showing off the power of 5G connectivity. Oppo had a 5G hotel, ZTE has a 5G robotic dog while Sony and Docomo has a 5G driverless concept vehicle. Meanwhile, OnePlus has taken a less serious approach with Snowbots.

OnePlus Show Off OnePlus Concept One With “Disappearing” Rear Cameras

Do you hate the presence of camera lenses on the back of a smartphone? While Oppo may have sort of eliminated the need for forehead, notch or hole punch without using pop-up camera, OnePlus has teamed up with McLaren to kind of “gotten rid” of the cameras around the back of the phone.

Good News If You Have Not Bought The OnePlus 7 Because, There Is Now A OnePlus 7T

Fans should have seen this coming. If the the new OnePlus 7 Pro flagship pricing puts you off in getting it, well, the good news is, there is now a tad more affordable OnePlus 7T. While there is already an OnePlus 7, but that is not available to the U.S. markets.

OnePlus’ Latest Flagship Killer Now Comes With A Flagship Price Too

After much anticipation, OnePlus newest flagship, OnePlus 7 Pro, has finally debuted. You may have noticed it is a ‘Pro’ model which means, it surely has a non-Pro model, right? Well, as a matter of fact, there is. Strangely though, U.S. markets are made available with the OnePlus 7 Pro only while elsewhere in Europe, […]

OnePlus Debuts OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition With Warp Charge 30, 10 GB RAM

Besides Xiaomi, OnePlus is likely the other handset maker with the most collab phones. The latest to join OnePlus’ growing portfolio of collabs is this: the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. IMHO, this isn’t just any collab. It might be a carefully orchestrated one. Why? Because, Warp Charge 30. The slogan for this OnePlus 6T McLaren […]

OnePlus 6T Is Official In The U.S., Touts “Fastest” In-display Fingerprint Sensor

So. This is it. The OnePlus 6T is finally official. While it may not have received as much fanfare like other handset launches, I think it is a phone to look out for. OnePlus‘ newest flagship is almost all-screen with the exception of the waterdrop notch and it has no fingerprint sensor that will mar […]

OnePlus 6 Is Rain-proof, Has A Sexy Silk White And Infinity War Edition

If you have not already heard, OnePlus has a new flagship, OnePlus 6, and it has two drool-worthy editions to boot: a Silk White version and an Avengers: Infinity War Edition. Before we get into into those editions, here are some essentials on this new, super cool (but only if you can look past the […]

Someone Have Imagined What The Next OnePlus’s Flagship Will Looks Like

OnePlus 5T has been unveiled barely a month ago, but already, someone has imagined what the next flagship, OnePlus 6, would look like and it is so beautiful that you will probably don’t want to buy the OnePlus 5T now. Of course, this isn’t real. First of all, even number is not OnePlus’s norm. Any […]