Diesel Launches Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With TLF

Italian premium streetwear brand Diesel has partnered with Telecom Lifestyle Fashion to launch a portable Bluetooth speaker. The Diesel Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the latest gadget to join the brand’s first true wireless earbuds launched last year.

Wearable Iron Man And Captain America Helmets With Bluetooth Speaker Stands

Remember Killerbody? The RC car body maker that has branched out to build wearable Iron Man suits and wearable character helmets/Bluetooth speakers? Well, these guys have more of the latter.

New Pioneer DJ DM Series Desktop Monitor Systems

If you are serious about DJ-ing (or house parties where you are the DJ), then you may want to check out the new Pioneer DJ DM Series Desktop Monitor Systems. Joining the DM series of desktop monitor systems are three new models: DM-40D, DM-40D-BT, and DM-50D-BT.

Lodge Solar Powered Speakers: It Is Completely Cable-free, Thanks To Bluetooth And Solar Power

You know how some botanical gardens have speakers planted among the flora to deliver soothing music for an extra relaxing experience? Well, with the Lodge Solar Powered Speakers, you can do the same for your home garden, backyard, and poolside too.

Van der Waals Speaker Has Ferrofluid, Not Symbiote, As The Visualizer

For years, I have wondered how is it that nobody invented a lava lamp that dances to music. As it turns out, someone actually did. OK. The Van der Waals Speaker is not a musical lava lamp. It is not a lamp and it does not have molten wax. Instead, it has ferrofluid.

The Beauty Of This Wireless Speaker Is, It Doesn’t Even Look Like A Speaker

What you see here is a super cool-looking Bluetooth speaker from Porsche Design called Porsche Design Wireless Speaker PDS50. Yeah. I know right. It doesn’t even look like a speaker. And I think that’s the beauty of this gadget.

Audiophile Headphone Maker Audeze Introduces Its First Non-headphone Product: A Speakerphone

Audeze, the company best known for its audiophile-grade planar headphones, has introduced its first non-headphone product, a conference speakerphone called FILTER.

Soundkraft The Enigma Has An Enclosure Handcrafted From Mangowood

In the past, people believe there’s no replacement for size when it comes to high-fidelity audio. But as audio technology progresses, components shrink to allow for high-end audio that is not as tall as a grown person or require more cables to hook up to the source.