As any gamer knows, there are some video games that are difficult to locate. Whether it’s an old game that’s no longer in production or a hot new release that’s sold out everywhere; sometimes you just have to do a little extra digging to track down the title you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for a rare video game, this post will provide a few tips to help you find what you’re looking for.

How To Find Rare Video Games To Fill Your Valuable Collection
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Look For Genuine Resellers

You should first begin your search via a dedicated video game supplier. These online or real-world shops specialize in sourcing and selling rare video games, consoles, and other gaming paraphernalia. In most instances, these will be the ultimate place for video games that are rare and unique as they will have expert staff on hand who live and breathe the genre. However, remember that even though you’ll likely find the best selection of hand-sourced titles, you’ll have to pay for them. The time and skill it takes to stock the most sought-after games take a lot of time and effort.

Nonetheless, if you are entirely new to the industry and need a helping hand, you’ll often find these stores are your best bet. In most cases, you can contact them directly and ask any questions you may have. Their staff is usually more than happy to provide assistance and get you exactly what you’re after.

Check Online Auction Sites

If you have an idea of what you are after, you could find that you can bag a great deal using an online auction site. Some, like eBay, need no introduction, but plenty of others are out there. Your first port of call will be a search engine where you can search for game auctions. You should open several in different tabs and have a general browse through them before committing to the one you like the look of. Moreover, you should set a budget you are willing to spend on a particular title so that you don’t blow your budget on one game (unless you only need one game). Check around with other knowledgeable gamers to get an idea of what a game should cost so that you have an idea of an amount to set aside. Also, remember to perform some due diligence before bidding. You must ensure that real photos are used rather than stock images, and don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions. Furthermore, any auction site you use should have a robust set of policies set up to avoid fraudulent practices. 

How To Find Rare Video Games To Fill Your Valuable Collection
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Check Out Used Game Stores In Your Area

Although these stores are declining due to the steady onslaught of online shopping, they are still worth checking out. In some instances, you can even find hidden gems for a fraction of the price you might get at an auction. Most older people are more comfortable receiving cash from their trade-ins than selling items online. This often results in real-world used game stores receiving some absolute treasures. As long as you go in with an open mind, you might find yourself coming out with hidden gems. 

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Check Out Message Boards And Forums Dedicated To Video Gaming

Video games and message boards go hand in hand. Therefore, it is prudent to use them to your advantage when searching for specific games to add to your collection. While you might not find people directly selling them, you might find information about places to start your search. In the event that you find someone selling games on these boards, you should remember that you will often have very little recourse if they fail to live up to their promise. It is up to you if it’s worth the risk, but don’t fall victim to FOMO; otherwise, you might fall victim to a severely depleted bank account with nothing to show.

Try Your Luck At Local Game Conventions

If you are into gaming, conventions are great fun. Moreover, you can usually find unique games unavailable in most other locations. Nonetheless, you should be prepared to pay dearly as the sellers are well aware they have a captive audience of rabid fans who are eager to buy.

Look Around Garage Sales

This list would not be complete without mentioning garage sales. They are typically underrated as people are reluctant to travel far for a slight chance of success. However, they can be a fantastic source of many different gaming items, from games to consoles, and are usually extremely cheap.

Rare games are rare and expensive for a reason. They are challenging to find, and lots of people want them! However, by following the tips in this post, you should be able to find what you want at an extreme discount.

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