Whenever you see a listing of the best gaming chairs, Secretlab will be on it, and so will brands like Logitech G x Herman Miller. But clearly, not everyone is willing to drop that much money on a gaming chair. Fortunately, there’s no lacking of affordable gaming chairs in the market. Little known brand from Malaysia, known as TTRacing, is one such gaming chair maker that offers affordable thrones for gaming.

TTRacing Surge X Gaming Chair Captain America Edition

The TTRacing Surge X Gaming Chair Captain America Edition is one of the brand’s latest addition based on its Surge X series gaming chair. In this special edition, the new Surge X gaming chair has been given the Captain America makeover, featuring the texture and motifs found on Cap’s uniform, his emblem, and an image of the vibranium shield embroidered on the back.

being budget means, it isn’t of real leather. The familiar blue uniform of the superhero is PU or faux leather aka leatherette. The Cap-themed gaming chair is officially licensed Marvel merchandise and it is part the of Marvel x TTRacing Limited Edition Collection.

TTRacing Surge X Gaming Chair Captain America Edition

Beyond Captain America’s aesthetic, the Surge X features soft and thick cold-cured foam, 155-degree full recline, multi-tilt mechanism with multiple angle options, 4D-adjustable armrests, memory foam lumbar and neck pillows, and heavy-duty steel alloy wheelbase paired with heavy-duty XL locking casters. Now, for the not-so-good news.

It appears that the TTRacing products are available only in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Anyhoo, as far as the TTRacing Surge X Gaming Chair Captain America Edition goes, it is available to order now for 999 Malaysia Ringgit, which works out to be just 220 American dollars. That’s half of any Secretlab gaming chairs, btw.

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