DAC or Digital to Analog Converter is a great way for better digital music, but if you are looking to take that digital music audiophile enjoyment up a notch, then you have to have both the hardware and software work together for the best possible result, and such is what the KORG AudioGate DS-DAC Hi-Def USB Audio Playback System has to offer. announced at the Consumer Electronics Show at Sin City, the KORG AudioGate DS-DAC Hi-Def USB Audio Playback System consists of KORG proprietary AudioGate 3 software and a choice of DS-DAC-100 or DS-DAC-100m hardware interface to enable audio playback on your Windows or Mac machines in the highest possible fidelity.

on the software part, the AudioGate 3 provides a platform to playback your existing audio from CDs, downloads or other sources, as high quality DSD audio that is purer and sounds as intended by the audio creators. these ‘purified’ sounds are then passed through the hardware (i.e. the DAC) without filtering or modulation, thereby eliminating potential noise and distortion for an even purer music enjoyment. on the hardware aspect, both hardware options support ASIO, WDM (Direct Sound, WASAPI) and Core Audio drivers and offers both RCA and balanced XLR outputs. the AudioGate 3 software is free for DS-DAC users, while the hardware cost $349.99 and $599.99 for the DS-DAC-100m and DS-DAC-100, respectively. available Spring 2014.

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