we have seen many gadgets and accessories blinged up to the luxe level, but a juice pack? that’s probably unheard of until now. meet the Mophie Juice Pack Air Crystal Collection, the “first high-fashion inspired juice pack” from Mophie, developed in partnership with none other than Swarovski Elements. under the hood, the Juice Pack Air remains the same Juice Pack Air that packs 1,700 mAh of electrons ready to serve up to your beloved iPhone 5/5s. the functionality and form also remains unchanged as well, featuring a refined outer band and smooth finish for comfortable hold in your hand, integrated pass-through buttons, a proprietary mute switch that blends the case with your iPhone, and of course, offering an all-round protection to the handset.

however, the similarity stops there. setting this luxe-up juice pack apart from the ‘lesser’ Juice Pack Air are over 300 XILION Chaton crystals that were used to embellish the side band of the juice pack and to further sets itself apart, the Mophie Juice Pack Air Crystal Collection comes bundled with a premium dye-cast (not a typo, just in case you are wondering), metal charging dock that can be used with all juice packs, including helium, air and plus. the Mophie Juice Pack Air Crystal Collection for iPhone 5/5s will be offered in a choice of black, gold, and white, in the second quarter of 2014. so fashion-forward geeks, do keep your eyes peel for this one. as for the price, it is yet to be announced, but it is definitely not going to be affordable.

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