billed as the world’s longest living headphones on the market (what a way to put it, eh?), the Bang & Olufsen Form 2 is given a new breath of life as B&O Play Form 2i headphones. aesthetically, it retains the iconic design of its over-30 years old predecessor and bears the trademark ultra-light construction, tipping the scale at just 90 grams or 3.17 ounces). this modern day iteration features enhancement in wear comfort with improved foam on the earpads for extended period of wear, and now comes with modern day features including a microphone and inline 3-button remote, necessary for music control and answering of calls.

seriously, from the look of it, you won’t even realize that this piece of design is already over 30 years old and we think the beauty lies in the minimalist approach of just a headband and earcups. no frills, no fuss, just a straight forward design, coupled with proven audio prowess from Bang & Olufsen. speaking of audio reproduction, B&O promised to deliver good bass, a focused middle range and precise high frequency tones with this pair of relaunched audiophile cans. the B&O Play Form 2i Headphones will be available in a total of six vibrant and timeless hues, namely black, white and red, plus new colors, blue, green, as well as grey. dropping into Bang & Olufsen stores, B&O Play web store and select design and department stores starting February 2014 for $129 a pop.

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