Anker Has The First Nintendo Switch-certified Portable Charger

We don’t need to tell you obvious caveat of portable gadgets. If you need a gentle reminder, then the caveat would be those gadgets will run out of juice. The groundbreaking console/handheld gaming device hybrid, Nintendo Switch, is no exception. Thankfully, solution exists to keep it juice on the go, but there aren’t one that’s […]

Movie Prop Replica Of Han Solo In Carbonite Now As A Power Bank

In the galaxy far, far away, the power is in the Force, but in this real world where our lives pretty much depend on smartphones, power is in the power bank. This is why, real world folks like you and me ought to have the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Power Bank in your […]

Incase’s First Connected Suitcase Is Sleek, Minimalist And USB-C Equipped

There are a handful of “high-tech” suitcases out there. We have seen quite a bit here, but if you’d prefer a high-tech travel roller designed and made by a long-standing, reputable bag maker over those offered by untested startups, well, here it is, the first ‘connected’ luggage from bag and gadget accessories maker, Incase. Called […]

BLACK+DECKER GoPak That Powers Tools Also Serves As Portable Battery

You need the power tools and you have your small gadgets, such as mobile phone, by your side as you work on home improvement and therefore, it kind of make sense that the battery that powers the power tools you need can also serve as a backup battery for your all-important mobile phone. Understanding this, […]

River Mobile Power Station Is Off-The-Grid Gadget Users Dream Come True

116,000 mAh, 500W output, charges up to 11 devices and weighing at just 11 pounds (5 kg) simultaneously. Those what the River Mobile Power Station, a nothing less than revolutionary product by San Francisco outfit EcoFlow Tech, has to offer. With the River, you can stop thinking about fossil-powered generator. This thing here is tiny, […]

Razer Power Bank Adds 6 Hours To Razer Blade Stealth In Just 2 Hours

A good laptop like the Razer Blade Stealth makes you want to keep using it for like, forever, and wherever, but you really can’t because, battery. Unless you find yourself next to an outlet wherever you go, you are going to need a boost from a power bank. This is where Razer Power Bank comes […]

Disposable One-Time Use Portable Battery Should Be In Every Survival Kit

Improved battery technology may have enabled smartphone to last longer per charge, but it turns out to be counterintuitive cos’ the amount of time we spent on using our mobile devices also increases and to top that off, apps we used now also consume more of the battery life, and so, we are pretty much […]

Mophie Introduces Power Capsule, A Battery Case For Wireless Headphones

Little reported fact: active lifestyle wireless, in-ear headphones also faces the same battery issue as smartphone and it will ruin your gym trip or travel if the battery die on you. The solution? Charge it with your power bank, or you could go with the Mophie Power Capsule for Wireless Headphones. The solution is quite […]

Real-life Pokémon Center Is Sure To Draw Flocks Of Juice-hungry Trainers

If you play Pokémon Go, you will be familiar with PokéStop and PokéGym. The area around the former is the place where many fellow Pokémon Go players (or trainers, if you want to be pro about the terms) inadvertently convene and you may also know that one cannot play the game all-day long as this […]

RokPak Is How You Keep Gadgets Juiced And Protected When Out In The Wild

You have seen ruggedized power bank and ruggedized smartphone case, now meet one that is both and with solar charger to boot. RokPak Pioneer Series, as it is called, is not quite a smartphone case, though. It is a drybox that packs features that your small gadgets will need to survive out in the wild […]