Improved battery technology may have enabled smartphone to last longer per charge, but it turns out to be counterintuitive cos’ the amount of time we spent on using our mobile devices also increases and to top that off, apps we used now also consume more of the battery life, and so, we are pretty much back to square one. That’s why portable battery or powerbank is a booming business, but even if you have powerbank handy, the truth is, you may have forgotten the cable. That’s one of life ‘bugger’ moment. When that happens, sometimes you wish you could just swap out the battery for a couple of double AAs.

Powrtab Disposable One-time Use Smartphone Battery
Available for both iPhone and Android phones

Well, what do you know? You actually can, ermmm, sort of. Meet Powrtab, the disposal one-time use smartphone battery charger that, as the product name implies, is indeed a disposable battery. It is packed in a condom-like package for obvious reason: Powrtab, like a condom, easily slips into your pocket, wallet et cetera, and can be quickly whip for those ‘emergency’ situation. It comes with its own connector, Lightning or microUSB, so it negate the need for easily forgettable cable and for just $4.99, it can provide your smartphone up to 4 hours of additional usage, or accordingly to its creator, fully charge a pair of wireless headphones.

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Powrtab Disposable One-time Use Smartphone Battery
The condom-like packaging is intentional because Powrtab, like condom, is for emergency use

Being disposal has its pros and cons. The former is quite obvious, really; you don’t need to worry about recharging it and the affordable price means you can stash several for trips where you foresee no wall outlets will be available. Of course, it can’t be your only portable power source; instead it could be back up to your existing powerbank and with a shelf life of 5 years, it can be included in your modern-day survival kit to provide the much needed juice when your device needs it.

Powrtab Disposable One-time Use Smartphone Battery
Power at your disposal – up to 4 hours mode when you needed most

The cons, on the other hand, Powrtab did be contributing to the ever increasing waste heading to the landfill. However, Powrtab is quick to reassure us that the packing is biodegradable and the shell is totally recyclable. As for the internal, the lithium-ion battery is deemed less toxic and are safe for incinerators and landfills, so it won’t harm the environment. Still, a waste is a waste and if it is not 100 percent biodegradable and/or recyclable, it is going to have some impact.

Despite so, we are not going to deny its usefulness in the time of emergency and as mentioned, it should be on any urbanite’s survival kit. The Powrtab Disposable One-time Use Smartphone Battery is available for both iPhone and Android devices and comes in 3-pack, 6-pack, or 12-pack form, priced between $14.99 and 49.99. You can also give it a try by acquiring a single unit for $4.99 from Amazon.

Powrtab Disposable One-time Use Smartphone Battery
It should be in every urbanites’ survival kit
Powrtab Disposable One-time Use Smartphone Battery
Yes. It is this tiny.

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