dbrand x JerryRigEverything X-Ray Skins And Cases Offer A New Perspective Of Your Gadget

We heard dbrand collaborative skins and cases with JerryRigEverything aka Zack Nelson was ripped off by a big name. But who cares about Tear Down skin right? I mean it is so yesterday. Besides, you can only see this much with Tear Down skins and cases. If really want to dig deeper, you need to …

Orbitkey USB-C 64 GB: A Super Sleek And Slim USB Flash Drive That Fits Into The Key Organizer

If you have picked up an iPhone 15, then you should give yourself a pat on the back because you have just opened up a world of convenience because of USB-C (thanks EU!). I know. Android users are giggling but don’t mind them. With USB-C, you will not be alienated by your Android friends because …

Turtle Beach Atom Mobile Game Controller For iPhone

Is iPhone good for gaming? I don’t know. I never really do that. Anyhoo, if you do serious gaming on your iPhone, then you may want to check out the Turtle Beach Atom Mobile Game. If you think the Turtle Beach Atom Mobile Game looked kind of familiar, well that is because it is already …

Shiftcam ProGrip Will Lend Your Smartphone With A DSLR-style Grip, Completed With Shutter Button

Taking pictures and videos with a smartphone is convenient and swift but the grip is mostly precarious. I mean, holding the phone at the edge isn’t the best experience, isn’t it? Enters Shiftcam ProGrip, a nifty accessory that adds a camera-style grip to your smartphone and then some.

Meet GoBelt, The World’s Thinnest Smartphone Grip (That Is Also A Smartphone Stand)

PopSockets is cool and all but if you don’t fancy a button protruding out of your phone’s back, then GoBelt Smartphone Belt may be a good alternative. I know. I almost thought GoBelt is a smartphone accessory that lets you wear your smartphone on your belt like in the 90s. Thankfully, it is not. It …

dbrand Certified By Google Pixel Fold Cases, Skins, And Tempered Glass

If you’re thrilled about your Pixel Fold’s pre-order, you’d be searching the Internet for accessories to go with it. Well, if you are doing so, may we direct your attention to the dbrand Pixel Fold Cases, Skins & Tempered Glass. These new products are apparently certified by Google, btw.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler For Smartphone Is Available To Order In China

The high-tech mobile cooling solution that OnePlus brought to MWC 2023 last month is now available to buy in China. The OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler for Smartphones is an official product. For those who haven’t heard, this little cool device is a 45W liquid cooling radiator that consists of two parts: a clip-on cooler for …

Meet Flow, Insta360’s First Smartphone Gimbal

Modern-day flagship smartphones are fully capable of handling a bit of shake when recording a video but let’s be honest, there is so much OIS and/or EIS on a thin device can do. If you want real stable video footage, you ought to have steady hands and/or a gimbal of sorts.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler For Smartphone Has An External, Desktop Power Pack

OnePlus latest obsession is keeping the phone cool. At the recent Mobile World Congress 2023, it presented the OnePlus 11 Concept with an innovative cooling solution and because OnePlus 11 Concept is, well, a concept, god knows if it will materialize. However, the smartphone maker has an intermediary solution: OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler for smartphones.

dbrand Has Created Something For Those Who Did Not Manage To Buy Nothing

Let me guess. You did not manage to get your hands on the much-hyped Nothing phone (1) that was launched last week? I am not surprised. It was gone on the sale day, July 18. It’s OK. It will be available again but if you rather not wait and/or you can’t bear to part with …

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