GameSir X3 Peltier-cooled Mobile Gaming Controller

It was once considered “illegal” to use external controllers to play games like PUBG Mobile. Apparently, it was considered cheating, or so we heard. Seriously, though, with big names like Razer and Oppo selling mobile gaming controllers, how can it be “illegal” right?

Razer Is Now Selling Cooling Fan For Smartphones – With RGB Lights, Of Course

We heard the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC gets heated up pretty quickly too. Heat is always going to be a problem with smartphones as engineers push the limit of CPU. Having said that, if the heat on your phone is getting on your nerves when you are gaming, Razer has the formal solution …

This Waterproof Pouch For Smartphone Lets You Use The Touchscreen While Inside It

Waterproof pouch or carrier for keeping smartphone away from dirt and water is not new. But Sweetleaff Smartphone Pouch with Air Pump you see here is not any old waterproof pouch; it lets you use the phone’s touchscreen while it is stored safely inside.

Meet KooKit, It Will Keep Your Phone Cool And Wireless Charged Simultaneously

Before we proceed, can we just say that KooKit sounds too much like KoolAid and therefore it had my attention? KooKit is, obviously, not KoolAid. It is a snap-on phone cooler that also doubles as a stand for your device and it is a on-the-go wireless charger.

The World’s Smallest Phone Stand Is The Size Of A Zipper Pull

There are a lot to be excited about the ALPAKA Nano Phone Stand Kit. Nano Phone Stand may be tiny, but mighty. Very mighty. Billed as the world’s smallest phone stand, it is the size of a zipper pull which, thanks to the triple-layer weaved PA66 and Kevlar cable loop, lets it disguised as a …

Lookstand 2.0: It Is A Phone Kickstand, A Elevating Stand And A Selfie Stick

This is Lookstand 2.0, a super compact phone stand that attaches to the back of the device, ready to be deployed in seconds. Lookstand 2.0 is an improved version over the brand’s first Lookstand.

This Sleek, Industrial-Look Smartphone Stand Is Versatile Beyond Imagination

Here’s a device stand that combines the best of foldable and desktop stand. Called Majextand M, it has the convenience of a folding stand and the adjustability of a desktop stand, and then some.

PopSockets Partnered With Burt’s Bees To Bring The Original Beeswax Lip Balm To PopGrip

You already know PopSockets. You also probably know that there’s PopGrip Lips, a PopGrip/lip balm hybrid smartphone grip. Well, now there’s another PopGrip Lips, but this time, the lip balm is from Burt’s Bees.