Lets face it. Not everyone is comfortable with an axe, much less using it to split wood to produce kindling wood for the long, cold winter. This is where the Stikkan Cast Iron Wall-mounted Kindling Wood Splitter can help. As the product name suggests, this hand-tool lets you split wood without turning to an axe. It leverages on anchorage provided by wall mount and using the principle of pivot to enable you to quickly split wood without much effort.

Stikkan Cast Iron Wall-mounted Kindling Wood Splitter is designed to be mounted on any vertical surfaces as long it is rigid and strong, which means you can actually split wood indoors, right in your home or in the barn, away from the harsh cold of the winter. Of course, Stikkan isn’t the first of its kind; there are others, but what makes Stikkan stands out is its angled approach. The splitter is designed in such a way that the bottom end is closer to the user than the top, thus creating an angle or slant, if you will. That, together with the large notches, ensure an optimal angle for splitting the wood in a secured manner.

Stikkan Cast Iron Wall-mounted Kindling Wood Splitter

Speaking of the notches, they are there so you can split logs of variety of length and this also means, you can progressively split long log if it can’t be split in one move. The device is of cast iron to ensure robustness and finally, each Stikkan comes with a safety ring to secure the arm when not in use. Best of all, unlike using an axe, you won’t have to put your back at risk. You can find Stikkan Cast Iron Wall-mounted Kindling Wood Splitter on Amazon for $199.95.

Images: Stikkan.

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