Evangelion Has A Bunch Of EVA Units-themed Work Tools, Not For Repairing EVA Units

Here’s a collection of Evangelion-themed Workson A.T. Field work tools for the hardcore fans of the cult anime serious. Like, you have to be super serious because, they ain’t cheap. But more on that in a jiffy.

Baha Shovel Is More Than A Shovel. It Is A Survival Gear That Also Charges Your Phone

On contrary to believe, shovel is not just for digging shallow graves for your poor murder victims. Or at least, that is not the case with the Baha Shovel. It is a multi-function shovel that is also a survival gear.

The Delta Shovel Gives You A Reason To Bring A Shovel On Your Next Camping Or Offroad Adventure

Whether you are a camper or an off-road adventurer, you will need a shovel. Actually, no. More often than not, you will probably convince yourself that you don’t need one because it was too clunky to bring one. However, with the new The Delta Shovel by DMOS Collective, you may find no excuse not to […]

Soon, You Will Be Able To Buy Evangelion-inspired Craft Scissors

With these Evangelion-inspired craft scissors from long-time Japanese scissors maker, Nikken Cutlery, Evangelion is officially the TV show that has the most ridiculous merchandises. I mean, for most TV shows/movies related merchandises, they probably not have cutlery in the catalog. So, with the Nikken Cutlery Evangelion Scissors, it kind of broke new ground.

Spinner Drive Screwdriver Offers Torque In A Very Stylish Way

If everybody needs a screwdriver set in their life, I’d say the Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set from Taiwan-based design studio mininch would be it. Screwdriver with interchangeable tips is not new, but Spinner Drive stands out as one that rolled three screwdriver functions into one. It is a standard screwdriver, and it is also a […]

Magnetic Nail Holder Is How Not To Smash Your Fingers When Nailing

If you mess with home improvements, chances are, you have nailed something and also, smashed your digits once too many time. Well, if so, you may want to check out Safety Nailer Magnetic Nail Holder if you plan on doing more nailing in future. Safety Nailer Magnetic Nail Holder is exactly what it says it […]

If You Really Want To Use Scissor For Unboxing, Use This Scissor Instead

Some unboxing video really made me cringe. Why? Because, some people like pulling box cutter towards them, but that’s if they even use an actual box cutter to begin with. Most of them time, these “unboxers” will reach out for scissors instead, which really shouldn’t be the case. On behalf of the world and for […]

Have A Broken Lightning Cable? Well Then, Repair It With BLUFIXX Kit!

This one popped up in our inbox and we are instantly intrigued. What you see here is the BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables, a light curing cable repair kit that lets you fix broken cable stealth. We love how Zeljiko, whom emailed us, pointed out that it is “especially for the expensive white ones.” […]

Manual Hand Drill Reimagined, Lets You Drill With Precision And Stealth

How many of you here still remember the good’ol manual hand drill? Sadly, I am old enough to see one in action in person. My grandad, who was a carpenter, had at least one at home. These days, manual chore like drilling soft materials is taken over by power drills, but if you really think […]

Framing Hammer With Collated Nails Will End Digits Smashing Forever

This could be the greatest thing to happen since the invention of hammer. What you see here is an entirely new kind of hammer that will end the days where you keep smashing your own digits. It is a framing hammer that dispenses collated nails. It is kind of like a cross between a regular […]