Nikken Cutlery Evangelion Craft Scissors

With these Evangelion-inspired craft scissors from long-time Japanese scissors maker, Nikken Cutlery, Evangelion is officially the TV show that has the most ridiculous merchandises. I mean, for most TV shows/movies related merchandises, they probably not have cutlery in the catalog. So, with the Nikken Cutlery Evangelion Scissors, it kind of broke new ground.

Nikken Cutlery Evangelion Craft Scissors

The scissors include two craft scissors: one inspired by Evangelion Unit-01 and another, inspired by Evangelion Unit-02. The scissors are developed in collaboration with JAMMY’s A.T. Field Evangelion Work that is a line of tools and work wear designed around the philosophy of Evangelion’s A.T. Field, bearing the traits like “protection, cold, waterproof and shock resistant.”

There is really nothing radical about these scissors apart from cosmetic touches, though. Speaking of cosmetic touches, the EV-25S model is presented in green/purple colorway of the EVA-01 with the words “EVA Test Type-01” label on the handle while the EV-25A gets the yellow/red treatment borrowed from EVA-02, along with the words “EVA Production Model-02” on the handle.

Both models will sport the NERV emblem on the scissor blades and both comes with a matching sheath with A.T. Field branding. Like I said, nothing radical.

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The Nikken Cutlery Evangelion Scissors will land in Japanese market starting June 5, 2019, going for 2,500 yen (about US$23) plus tax. They will be available from Hakuhinkan Toy Park’s Ginza main store, Evangelion Store Tokyo-01, AppBank online store, as well as Gifu Prefecture Cutlery Hall.

Images: Nikken Cutlery [JP] via @Press [JP].

Source: crunchyroll.