Evangelion-themed Train In Japan: Shinji Would Have Love It Cos’ It’s Rei Ayanami-themed

Train plays quite a significant part in the Evangelion franchise. OK. It is an unlikely place where some of Shinji’s emotions were revealed. So, it kind of makes sense to have a collaboration between some train with Evangelion. And the ‘some train’ is Aonami Line.

Evangelion Goes Luxury With The U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch

Evangelion is never associated with luxury, but here it is, an Evangelion timepiece that’s definitely in the luxury watch realm. And it is not just any timepiece; it is a pocket watch. A Rei Ayanami-themed pocket watch, to be precise.

Elos Teamed Up EVA Sports For Evangelion-themed Skateboards To Mark The Release Of The New Movie

Imagine you were on the surface level of Tokyo-3 when an Angel attacked, and there were no other means of transportation. How you can get away in this situation? Run, obviously, or you could cruise away with the Elos x EVA Sports Skateboards.

LEGO Enthusiast Created A 5-Foot Tall LEGO Evangelion Unit 02 With 80% Technic Elements

You probably have seen various versions of LEGO MOC Evangelion. Rest assure what you about to see here is unlike anything thing you may have seen. What you see here is Second Child Asuka Langley Sohryu’s EVA Unit 02, aka Production Model, and it stands out as a creation that uses a lot of LEGO …

In Japan, You Can Order A “Human-size” Evangelion Unit 01 Statue For 3 Million Yen

Don’t be envious that City of Hakone in Kanagawa, Japan, aka the real-life Tokyo-3, has a 2-meter (6.6 feet) Evangelion Unit 01 statue because, fans will now have a chance to own a “human-size” version too – thanks to Japanese entertainment company, FuRyu Corporation.

New Images Of Aoshima Godzilla x Evangelion Model Kit Surfaced

Before we reported on the Aoshima Godzilla x Evangelion Unit-01 Model Kit last month. We tried to reach out to Aoshima for more details and images, but to no avail. Fast forward today, we have got more details and official images – thanks to retail stores like Big Bad Toy Store.