Pizza Hut China x Evangelion Merchandises

The Evangelion franchise has seen countless collabs, ranging from game controllers to apparel and even heels, to gaming computers, peripherals, and components. But recently, it has a collab with an unlikely business: Pizza Hut, specifically, Pizza Hut China. While there may not be pizzas named after EVA Units or NERV, there are plenty of collectibles to excite Evangelion fans.

Pizza Hut China x Evangelion Merchandises

Kicking things off are EVA-themed pizza boxes with NERV, Unit-00, and Unit-02 designs. The collectibles include a tabletop night light resembling an Entry Plug but with a clear section showing off a fixed-pose Rei figure inside, and a fixed-pose figure of the EVA Unit 01 with a cargo bay and sliding platform. When the doors are open, the platform slides to reveal Unit 01. Very cool.

Additionally, there’s a hexagon-shaped tote bag, seemingly made from faux leather with nylon straps, featuring the EVA Unit-01 and a large NERV logo, along with Pizza Hut and Neon Genesis Evangelion branding in Chinese. It comes with a matching pouch for smaller items. And then there is a so-called stationery box that includes a desk mat/mouse pad with an image of all five EVA pilots and character-themed files.

These items are exclusive to China [CH] and can’t be purchased outright but are available with certain Evangelion meal purchases. For 39.90 RMB (US$5.50), customers can choose one of five Evangelion button designs with a small meal. For 99 RMB (US$14), the EVA collab meal offers a choice of one collectible: the Unit 01 figure, the night light, the tote bag, or the stationery box. At 189 RMB (US$26), the EVA Sharing Meal allows each diner to pick a collectible from two options, with Meal A offering the Unit 01 figure or night light, and Meal B offering the tote bag or stationery box.

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In addition, starting on April 15, some Pizza Hut locations in China will also feature Neon Genesis Evangelion decor.

Images: Pizza Hut [CH].