Ikea Teamed Up With Off-White On A Fresh Take Of The Iconic Frakta Bag

I am sure you remember the hilarity that ensue after Balenciaga pulled off an upmarket and obviously, very pricey, knockoff of Ikea’s iconic blue Frakta. Up to today, we are not quite sure if it was intentional, but based on one previous design, we are not at all surprise if it was an intentional copycat. […]

Herschel Supply And Coca-Cola Launches Fourth Collab Bags

It looks like it is going to be wet Fourth of July for Americans, but rain or shine, most folks will still want to lug along their favorite cold drinks to the parade, picnic or whatever event that you will be attending, isn’t it? If so, instead of the cumbersome cooler, Herschel Supply and Coca-Cola […]

These Style-heavy Bags Are a Nod to the Classic Brown Bags

Want to stand out from the crowd in this face pace, style-conscious urban jungle? How about carrying bags made out of paper? Well, not just any paper. That would be silly cos’ regular paper will pulverize under the rain. We are talking about Urban Kraft’s bags and accessories made exclusively out of innovative paper material […]

The Fugu Bag Uses Air Pockets To Keep Your Gadgets Safe

we already know how padded interior can help keep portable gadgets in the bag safe, but Royal College of Art graduate Peng You and ECAL graduate Hongchao Wang, collectively known as Benwu Studio, thinks the current system can be cumbersome and also adds unnecessary weight to the bag. the duo came up with the solution, […]

Hard Graft Cube Tote – A Versatile Bag For Shopping And The Beach

if you need just one bag that could see you through regular routines like grocery shopping, work and leisure, then the Hard Graft Cube Tote might be a good place to start. it has a shape unlike most bags (read: uber cool), which the product name explicitly implies, and sports an enormous opening, held closed […]

Everlane Reverse Denim Bags

we are sure you have come across bags made out of denim, but one that’s made out of denim turned inside out? we are pretty sure you haven’t (and neither do we). the Everlane Reverse Denim Bags is just the range that offers a twist to the denim as you know it. it combines reverse denim material with khaki twill lining, along with appropriate leather bits

TUMI Camo Print Alpha Bravo Backpack and Tote

TUMI is not usually a name we would associate with the image of ruggedness, so we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon these special camouflage print TUMI Camo Print Alpha Bravo Backpack and Tote. no. they are not built tough per say (but its tough, regardless), but are bags taken off

Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags

black is not always the new black in town. it might be for gadgets but for the bags that those gadgets are stashed in, sometime a little more adventurous color such as Rust could be pretty sleek too. meet the Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags. it is still the same Eco-Friendly Bags made out of 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles that result in a soft matte finish fabric…


what does an architect has to do with backpack? nothing much, except when he or she is using one. however, you will be surprise how good will a backpack look when it’s touch by award-winning international designer and architect, Dror Benshetrit. the DROR For TUMI Backpack integrates Dror’s avant-garde design with TUMI’s tradition of design…

Tom Sachs for Nike Sportswear

being an astronaut was many people’s dream when they were a kid. sadly, the reality is, some dream will always remain a dream for majority of us and as we grew up witnessing the cruel reality of our fading dream, we went on to become a street hustler, fashion junkies or whatever. then our shot of becoming a brief astronaut came around but instead…