If a tote bag is burdening your one shoulder, you can consider switching shoulder, or you could try carrying it as a backpack, or perhaps even wearing it over your head. Oh, your tote bag can’t do that? Well, this one can. Folks, meet the Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang.

Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang

Also referred to as the Reflex Helmet Bag, it features an inflated exterior, utilitarian straps, snap fastening for bag closure, drawstring adjustment for helmet fit (we are not even kidding!), and detachable eye panels with velcro. The bag further boasts inner zippered pockets, tonal hardware, 2 handles, nylon lining, and reflex fabric containing reflective crystal microspheres.

It is, well, wearable as a tote bag or backpack. The bag is made from 100% polyester and 100% nylon and is down-filled to get the puffy look.

This bizarre wearable bag is said to draw inspiration from icons of the Chinese civilization of Sanxingdui or the Three Star Mound. Sanxingdui dates back to the Bronze Age, and it was an archaeological find near the Nanxing Township, in modern Guanghan, Deyang, Sichuan Province.

Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang

We did not find more info on the relation between this silhouette and Sanxingdui but judging from the finds from the archaeological site, the bag’s influenced by the many masks and bronze heads uncovered.

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The Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang was released on October 28 on Dingyunzhang.com and the WeChat mini-program with a limited run of just 100 units, and as you may have already guessed, it was promptly sold out. And it was not cheap. Each bag commanded US$600, or 4,500 yuan in China.

It’s just 100 pieces, so the odds of seeing people walking around with a bag over their heads should be pretty low. Then again, I doubt any of the buyers would do that anyways.

Images: Dingyun Zhang.

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