You Can Now Order LEGO Star Wars Buildable Model Helmets For $59.99

You probably heard that they are coming. Well, they are official now. We are talking about the official LEGO buildable Star Wars model helmets, featuring the iconic Stormtrooper, Boba Fett and TIE Fighter Pilot.

Aquabreather Is A Regenerative Breathing Apparatus In A Form Of A Diving Helmet

This is Hydroid Aquabreather from a Russia-based company Aquabreather (which is part of Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow). Aquabreather wants to herald in a “new diving era,” with a new kind of breathing apparatus.

Meet Argo Transform, The World’s First A Dual-Camera AR Attachment For Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets that promised augmented reality (AR) integration that puts critical info right before you eyes are nothing new, but so far, most of them requires you to acquire a brand new helmet that cost upwards of thousands of dollars. The Argon Transform by Singapore-based Whyre here, however, is not most of them. Argon Transform […]

The Future Of Motorcycle Helmet May Be Adaptive Like Madillo

Here’s a radical motorcycle helmet called Madillo that will make you exclaim “radical” and at the same time, question “is it safe enough to protect our delicate skull from crushing on impact?” We do not have an answer to the latter, but we are going to go ahead and assume it does, and if it […]

These LEGO Marvel’s Superhero Helmets Are Totally Wearable

Creating wearable out of LEGO elements, though rare, is not exactly new. The world’s famous bricks have been used to create some rather mind-blowing wearables, including a stunning 25 lbs Star Wars-themed dress, a functional prosthetic arm, and at least one exoskeleton suit (of sort), and now, we can add these wearable LEGO helmets to […]

CrossHelmet Heightened Your Senses With 360 Vision And Sound Control

Motorcycle puts a rider closer to the action and hence, more in touch with the surrounding, but with those perks come the risks. Riders of two-wheeler do not get the same level of protections as drivers of automobile and therefore, it is imperative that the rider has heightened senses. Unfortunately, being human means riders do […]

Giant Noise Isolating Helmet Is The Weirdest Thing You Will Hear All Day

When I first heard about Helmfon, a ginormous noise isolating helmet, I had to do a double take. I glanced at today’s date, making sure I did not accidentally hitch a ride on the time machine and went back to April 1st. Anyways, as it turns out, Helmfon is real as you and me. Now, […]

This Fully Functional Gray Fox Helmet Is Metal Solid Gear Fans’ Wet Dream

This is Diego Valdes. He is an aerospace engineer by day and an avid cosplay DIY-er by night, and what makes Diego stands from the sea of cosplayers is his Animatronic Gray Fox Helmet. Yes. That Gray Fox. The fictional character, a former agent of U.S. Special Forces-turned-mercenary, from the popular video game franchise Metal […]

Concept LEGO Minifig’s Hair-inspired Bicycle Helmet Is As Crazy As It Is Cool

Aesthetic is almost like an afterthought in bicycle helmets. Which is not wrong. They had to be functional. Not that bicycle helmets are ugly, but they do look pretty boring. You know. It is like, hey look, a bicycle helmet and you moved on. This is one safety gear that you can’t change much in […]

Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Replica Is Great For Halo Cosplay Too

Master Chief AKA MCPON John-117 is arguably as iconic as the game Halo itself – probably because he was the only survivor in the SPARTAN-II supersoldiers program, though the animation movie depicted otherwise, but that’s another story for another day. With the exception of the animation series, which actually show the young John-117’s face, no […]