Convenience has taken away many controls we have in life. One such convenience is the brewing of coffee. It used to be an artisanal process but because we need our cup of Joe fast, we have machines like Nespresso capsule machine. But not all hopes are lost for serious coffee aficionados because there is the Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer.

Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer

Born out of a collaboration between coffee bean producer Ninety Plus and coffee equipment maker Hiroia, the Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer is a state-of-the-art automatic brewing system that touts all the key elements for brewing the perfect cup of Joe every time and doing so without killing convenience brought about by, well, a coffee machine.

While it may be touted as a smart automated coffee machine, the control remains in your hand. So, yeah, your status as the coffee nerd will not become obsolete as you’d be able to modify every detail of the brew including the temperature, the variable turbulence extraction (VTE), the amount of coffee, adjust the flow rate or the amount of water you want for each pour, and even the time between pour.

And when you have found out you have created the best recipe for the brew, you can share it with your family and friends because why the hell not?

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Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer

If you rather enjoy the coffee and not scratch your head over what makes a good brew, you can just let Hikaru weave the magic for you with a simple press of a button. And did we mention that it is one hell of a good-looking coffee machine? Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer looks nothing like a regular brewer.

It is as stylish as it is futuristic, and it feels like it may have a coffee machine onboard Heart of Gold. The portal circle structure on the brewing pad features LED lights on the inside to visualize the current brewing status which adds even more sci-fi element to it.

You can learn more about the Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer over on Kickstarter where it is on its last leg of the campaign. The campaign has met its funding goal, with 470+ people contributing more than US$231K to the project. If you are sold by the idea, you may join the party by pledging for a product for US419 or more. But hurry because the campaign ends in about 3 days.

Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer

Images: Hiroia.

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