the funny thing is, even though we have featured countless writing instruments here, not once have we seriously talked about the cases that protect them. though we did feature a handful of cases, not one of them is specifically design for your everyday pens. so naturally, we are pretty excited to see the Nock Co. Handmade Pen Cases on Kickstarter. created by Brad Dowdy, founder of The Pen Addict, and Jeffrey Bruckwicki of J. Bruckwicki P+D, the Nock Co. Handmade Pen Cases are answers to discerning pen users’ quest for the perfect vessel for their favorite writing instruments. made not mistake – these are not leather, classy stuff; these are real world, practical pen cases which you actually use on daily basis and most importantly, they don’t cost a bomb.

seven models are currently being offered on Nock Co.’s Kickstarter page and they include: a pop-up zip case (The Chimneytop), two notebook bi-fold (The Maryapple), three-pen holster (The Lookout), a three-pen plus notebook case (The Hightower), five-pen bi-fold case (The Sassafras), a zippered roll case (The Brasstown), and last but not the least, a limited edition Kickstarter case known as Peacock Blue Hightower, which is essentially the Hightower in Kickstarter-only color way. all cases are made with 1000D nylon exterior with water repellent coating and with the exception of the the Chimneytop, all pen cases sport smooth pack cloth liner to protect your lovely pens from any daily transit-related abuse.

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with more than 1,200 percent funded, the result has spoken: people need serious pen cases. speaking of which, you can fulfill your pen case needs too by backing the project which starts from just $15, or you can get a smorgasbord of the listed cases (except for the Kickstarter special) for just 75 bucks.

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