just when we thought the Stash Stainless Steel Bass was crazy, Gittler Instruments up the ante by going all titanium for its minimalist bass and guitar. based on the design by the late founding father of Gittler Instruments, the Titanium Guitar does without the cumbersome body, head, and even the neck. headless guitar has been around since the 70s so we shouldn’t be all surprised, but Gittler goes even further by omitting the body and neck altogether. well, technically speaking, it still has a neck, just that now it is in a barebone form, meaning the supporting structure and rounded frets, all 31 of them, are fully exposed like skeletons. the guitar minimalist design employs, almost in its entirety, rounded cylindrical elements and is completely crafted from 6AL-4V aircraft grade titanium for durability and style factor.

other features include LED fret lighting for the fret marking system, patented Teflon-coated tuning system, a headless guitar design with enhanced headstock “string lock” mechanism (no winding of string!), a small dedicated electronics complete with treble and bass controls, Roland-compatible D13 output (in addition to the standard 1/4″ female phone jack), and it has the honor of being the world’s first guitar with six custom wound transducers – one to each string and magnetically shielded. Gittler Instruments has take the Gittler Titanium Guitar to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, seeking $80,000 to fund the development of the guitar. for a deposit of $1,000, you will be reserving a numbered Gittler Bass or EUB model and if a six string axe is what you are after, then be prepared to drop $2,000 as deposit for the “reduced price guitar” that cost $3,995.

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there’s also a special “Armed Forces” model that is treated to a Deluxe Tiodize Type 2 “Weapons Grade” Teflon finish which is a coating widely used in jet aircraft turbines, helicopter rotors, as well as other military applications for extreme durability – but that will required you to dole out $2,500 in deposit for a guitar that will eventually cost $4,995.

Kickstarter via DVICE

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