it is a known fact that bassist is not exactly the most glamorous job in a band. rarely does a bassist gets to be in the spotlight (appearing in Bass Guitar magazine doesn’t count). sure. once in a while you get to do the bass solo, but you can’t deny that is a mere candlelight shine than a real spotlight – however, if you were to take the Stash Stainless Steel Bass Guitar to the stage, things might turn out differently. billed as the only 100% stainless steel bass, it features a striking brushed stainless steel construction that its maker claimed that it will stay tuned, once tuned. that’s a pretty bold claim, but heck what do we care? we are totally sold by its look alone. it is the kind of bass guitar Duran Duran could use in their sci-fi like music videos – if you know what we mean.

other features include custom made split coils with Alnico 5 magnets for pickups (where? where?), a 24-fret stainless steel tube acoustic neck, stainless steel adjustable bridge, volume and tone control, Gotoh-type tuners, and a Switchcraft jack. as awesome looking as it is there’s just one catch here: it has an equally impressive price tag of $3,000 a piece. then again, you already expect it to be pricey already, didn’t you? catch the Stash Stainless Steel Bass Guitar in action in the demo video below.

Stash via Cool Material

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