There is no question that the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76105) from 2018 was a complete disaster. But to be fair, that ain’t a UCS set to begin. It was pretty good for a kid’s toy. For those who have been clamoring for a “UCS” version of the hulk-ass kicking suit of Tony Stark as since in the Infinity Saga, you will be glad there is going to be one.

LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) Set Leaked

And that isn’t a rumor no more, mind you. There have been talks about a UCS Hulkbuster and now, the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) set has been spotted in the wild, at a LEGO Certified Store in Indonesia. So, yeah, the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210)’s arrival is imminent.

While official details aren’t available yet, we do know that the set has a whopping 4,049 pieces and it is based on the Hulkbuster appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015, Walt Disney Studios), and it will include a Minifigure of Tony Stark.

LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) Set Leaked

From the limited images posted on Instagram by Indonesia-based LEGO enthusiast, brickpedia, it looks like we can expect a Hulkbuster with a lot of details and one who chose to skip legs day. Perhaps it was its usually pumped chest that makes it look like it has skipped legs day. Then again, sometimes photos may not do justice to the product.

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Anyhoo, a couple of details we noted are there will be light-up features, courtesy of light bricks, and it will have an opening chest and helmet to expose the cockpit.

LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) Set Leaked

According to a report, the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) is set to hit the shelves in November and when it does, it will sell for US$549.99. And oh, it is for adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) ages 18 and up. 

Images: Instagram (@brickpedia).

via The Brick Fan.

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