Hollywood films have instilled different visions of what the future could look like within our minds. However, even before movies like Aliens set the stage for Earth in the year 2122, society has long tried to imagine what our future might entail. In fact, in 1909, French writer Jules Bois forecasted that someone would invent flying bicycles, allowing people to traverse the air.

There’s no doubt that the world has advanced since moving into the digital age. We have multi-purpose smartphones and self-driving cars. We can pay for tangible and intangible items with digital currencies. Still, perhaps the overall appearance of today’s society isn’t as futuristic as Meet The Robinsons once portrayed. With that said, Japan is the exception to this argument. Anyone who has traveled there can attest to the feeling you get when exploring the city, the feeling that you’ve just stepped decades or years into the future. In particular, its architecture and technology are one of the main reasons Japan can feel so futuristic.

Architecture and Technology

Japanese architecture is mostly known for its classic wooden structures, but we’ve also seen a futuristic side to it in recent years. For example, in Japan, long gone are the days of staying in a conventional hotel room. A popular invention in the country is its capsule hotels, which offer travelers small bed-sized rooms. If anyone has ever wanted to feel like they’re on a spacecraft, staying in a capsule hotel is the way to go. There are even some hostels in Japan that let individuals sleep in small bookshelf nooks.

In terms of its technology, we have to mention the toilets in Japan. Getting to your hotel room after traveling to a new city or country is an exciting moment. You do a walk-through and check out all the amenities. In Japan, this moment is a little different. Travelers are met with a futuristic toilet in their bathroom that has dozens of features and lights. Some of these features include checking your blood pressure and heating the seat.

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Japan Has Always Been Ahead Of The Curve

None of these innovations should come as a surprise. Japan has long been ahead of the rest of the world. For example, as people start to pay more attention to cryptocurrencies, many people will be wondering what other platforms specialize in virtual currencies, such as retail services, in particular, online casinos. These individuals will discover that there are even online casinos in the region that specialize in virtual currencies, and that Japan was one of the first countries to utilize the technology.

In 2014, BitCasino opened a Japanese site during a time when no casinos were handling digital currencies. What BitCasino is (BonusFinder Japanese version) is the world’s first casino specializing in virtual currencies. It has sumo wrestlers as its ambassadors, and offers players a variety of games to play, including 70 different kinds of baccarat.

Japan has a very open culture. The country has also developed itself in a way that’s light years ahead of other areas of the world. Even concepts like casinos specializing in digital currencies, which is being adopted elsewhere in the world, began in Japan, just as toilets that check your blood pressure and capsule hotels did.

Featured photo by Unsplash (Robynne Hu).

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